Many restaurants are scattered throughout Peoria, IL, especially a steady supply of Mexican restaurants. Whether you’re interested in a plate filled with nachos or happy hour margaritas with the folks from work, your options are certainly limitless. However, not all Mexican restaurants are of the same quality. Some manage to stay above the rest by focusing on customer service above all else. That’s not to say Hacienda El Mirador sacrifices the quality of the food or the affordable prices, of course. Stop in one night and discover for yourself exactly how great a new Mexican restaurant can truly be for the Peoria community.

The emergence of new restaurants will always cause a bit of interest in the community. Everyone wants to try new food from a new chef when they have the chance. At this point, some may have their favorite restaurant already, which is certainly fine. There is nothing wrong with an old favorite. At Hacienda El Mirador, however, we strive to become your new favorite. Our attention to detail stands apart from the competition. When our friendly service members set a plate of hearty tacos down on your table, you know the real taste of Mexico and its cuisine are before you.

At Hacienda El Mirador, we hire only the most professional and efficient staff members to ensure the quality of customer service never falters. Each member of our team is thoroughly trained, so you know you’ll get the best possible service and food in the region.

Stop in for a night out on the town and enjoy local cuisine. Everything is prepared in-house and using only high quality ingredients for your pleasure.

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If you’d like to try some of the best new Mexican cuisine in the area, call Hacienda El Mirador today or simply stop in for a table during business hours. We’ll welcome you with open arms and a friendly smile.