Mexican Restaurants

Mexican food will long hold a special place in many hearts across the country, not just in Illinois. Our nation has an intense love affair with tortillas, beans, and nachos of all kinds, which makes for a truly booming Mexican restaurant industry. Not long ago, cooks represented Mexican cuisine in the United States as nothing more than rice and refried beans, with some enchiladas covered in cheese. A few hard-shell tacos could be found on the side of most menus, too.

Today, however, most people realize that real Mexican cuisine and even Tex-Mex style food are both vast and incredible. At Hacienda El Mirador, we strive to ensure your idea of Mexican cuisine is blown wide open. We want to introduce customers to entirely new foods, new tastes, and new experiences.

The cuisine of Mexico is represented in each dish we produce for our customers. With a love of cooking from an early age, our renowned chef works wonders in the kitchen. Once you try our fantastic cuisine, we promise you will want to come back for more soon after.

Customers who have already visited our beautiful and tasty Mexican restaurant speak wonderfully about our service and the quality of the food. With a wide variety of margaritas, various dishes from almost every region in Mexico, and specials running all the time, there is always a reason to stop by. Plentiful shrimp, tacos filled to the brim, and various drinks and margaritas wait for you!

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At Hacienda El Mirador, we are open from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. each day of the week. You can visit during our regular business hours, grab yourself a table, and enjoy food not found elsewhere in Peoria. You’ll be surprised at the level of quality and friendly service our staff members offer at all times.