Mexican Restaurants in Peoria Heights, IL

Peoria Heights is a relatively small community known for its love of life and enjoyment. At Hacienda El Mirador, we have the same joyous outlook on all of the things we have accomplished or strive to. Our newfound Mexican restaurant has a strong focus on culture, community, and seriously good eats. We pride ourselves on offering cuisine straight from the heart of Mexico. You will find popular favorites, such as hard-shell tacos and burritos, but also more traditional fare that should open up a whole new culinary world for you.

Your first step inside of Hacienda El Mirador will be an exciting time. You’ll immediately notice the energetic environment we have worked so tirelessly to create. Everyone is having fun, drinks are colorful, and the food smells too good to be true. In fact, we have had nothing but compliments and fantastic customer reviews since first opening our doors. As an upscale Mexican restaurant in Illinois, such praise means the entire world to our staff, who work for your satisfaction.

About Peoria Heights, IL

Peoria Heights is mostly made up of water, considering Upper Peoria Lake lies within its boundaries. When looking at a map for the first time, you will probably notice how large the lake is. Upon arriving, the first thing most people lay eyes on is the Tower Park water tower, constructed in 1970. The massive red tower has become a landmark. You can even ascend the tower and look around the village from above.

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If you’d like to try some of the best Mexican cuisines in Illinois, stop by Hacienda El Mirador during our business hours for a table and a drink. We’ll treat you just like family!